top 10 fast foods that is healthier than you think
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Nutrition and a healthy diet are an important part of living well. Despite this, many of us really don’t pay a lot of attention to healthy choices. Thinking back to when you were little, odds are that you preferred candy and chocolate over vegetables and you would rather have a McDonald’s burger than the homemade ones your parents fired up on the grill. As we grow older, our tastes change and many of us actually end up preferring a homemade burger or even a side of broccoli with dinner. We know fruits and vegetables are good for us and foods high in fat, sugar and salt are not the best choices to eat night after night. Still, it’s not always so clear cut in the world of food.
Every year it seems researchers are uncovering a new benefit or danger to certain foods. One year we’re told to avoid a certain item, like eggs or coffee, only to be told the opposite the following year. In almost every case it ultimately comes down to moderation being the key. Salt, fats and sugar are bad, but they can’t always be avoided. The logic here is to try to limit your intake. That’s easy, right? After all, it’s pretty obvious which foods are bad for us and which offer very little to no nutritional value. Not so fast, as these next examples demonstrate, foods that were once thought to be of little benefit nutritionally may actually have some really important properties when it comes to getting the nutrients you need.

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