Serves 12

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White cake batter
2 cups sugar-coated corn flakes cereal
6 tablespoons butter, melted
Can of sweetened condensed milk

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Special Equipment
Foil cupcake wrappers
Muffin Tin
Gallon-sized resealable plastic bag
Plastic wrap

1. Fill cupcake wrappers ¼-full with cake batter. You want the baked cupcakes to not quite reach the top edge of the wrapper.
2. Bake cupcakes according to whatever batter is being used. Remove at the lower end of what your box mix recommends, or when a toothpick poked into a cupcake comes out clean.
3. In a gallon-sized bag, crush cereal into small crumbs.
4. In a large bowl, combine cereal crumbs and butter.
5. Using the small end of a spatula, poke holes in the cupcakes.
6. Fill holes with sweetened condensed milk.
7. Top cupcakes with cereal crumb mixture and pack down with a spoon, creating a uniform crust.
8. Individually wrap cupcakes in plastic wrap.
9. Chill cupcakes in cooler or refrigerator until ready to eat.

Inspired by Kogi’s Chocolate Tres Leches http://kogibbq.com/menu/

Birds Of Paradise
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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