top 10 unbelievable uses of bacon people actually created
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Over the years, more and more bacon products have been released on the market. From straight up bacon, to bacon roses for your sweetie, to undergarments crafted from bacon; it’s abundantly clear that people love bacon. Every day there are new bacon and bacon flavored masterpieces being created. Sometimes you have to wonder though; are they taking this craze a little too far?
Those who love bacon, really love bacon. With their breakfast, in the products they use daily, and even… in their sex lives? The bacon craze has certainly reached some interesting places. Here are ten of the most ridiculous things people have made out of bacon.
Have a special occasion coming up? Is there a special someone you want to impress? Forget traditional roses! Why not surprise someone with a bouquet of bacon roses? These greasy goodies are surprisingly simple to make and good thing, too, since it doesn’t look like any florists carry them yet.
When you love bacon, you really love bacon. One bacon fan decided he wanted more than just bacon bits on his taco and took it to the next level. Weaving several stripes over bacon together like a quilt and draping it over wooden dowels, this super fan placed his creation in the oven and waited. After about fifteen minutes with the oven at 400°, he removed the now hardened shell and stuffed it to the brim with seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, sour cream, cheese and diced tomatoes

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